Timetable update!!

Hello all,

Our timetable is now available below!

Action climbing will take place during a few slots over the weekend. Slots marked [*] are also suggested as possible times for spontaneous workshop proposals.

Thursday 24th Sep.

12.00 – Introductory round

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – Legal workshop

17.00 – Open discussion: protest and resistance against the animal industry

19.00 – Dinner

Friday 25th

09.00 – Breakfast

10.00 [*] – Jumping fences

12.00 – How to internationally mobilize for mass action

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – Speciesism, civilization, and the end of ideology

17.00 – Shut down VION! / Sluit VION!

19.00 – Dinner

20.00 – Sneaking at night / capture the flag

Saturday 26th

09.00 – Breakfast

10.00 [*] – Self defense

12.00 – Introduction to action planning

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – Animal liberation without illusions

17.00 [*] – ACAB (all colours are beautiful – graffiti workshop)

19.00 – Dinner

20.00 – ‘Radical Resilience’: film showing and discussion

Sunday 27th

09.00 – Beakfast

10.00 – Scouting action targets

12.00 – Emergency first aid for other animals

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – Closing round

19.00 – Dinner

20.00 – Acoustic concert!

Some stuff to know! / Quelques infos à avoir

Hi everyone,

We wanted to write with some more detailed information for those thinking of attending the gathering, particularly for those visiting the Hambacher Forest occupation for the first time.

WHAT TO BRING: Camping stuff! e.g. A tent, a sleeping bag/mat, waterproof clothes, warm layers, A TORCH! (red light is even better) You can also think about bringing information from your struggles, texts for the distro, and spontaneous proposals.

THE FOREST: We will be hosting you in a forest which has been squatted on and off since 2012 – it remains an active point of radical ecological resistance. As always: don’t leave trash, stick to the paths wherever possible, and don’t take photos! (Or at least ask before you do).

ACCOMMODATION: There will be one or two structures able to host those who need it, and also some extra tents. We’re also working on setting up a FLINT (female, lesbian, intersex, nonbinary, trans) sleeping space/camping area for those who would like it. People are more than welcome to arrive at the gathering early and leave late, especially if you want to help us set up and pack down, which would be a great help!

COPS: Previous anti-spe gatherings held in the forest saw a degree of police presence at certain moments. They might decide to park their vans around, drinking coffee + playing games on their phones, maybe even asking people for ID. If that happens, those who have ID and are willing to show it can do so and be expected to get through without any trouble. Those unwilling to show ID can most likely find a way to enter the forest without having to say hello to the filth.

COFFEE: Unlike the cops, we don’t have funds to spend on massive amounts of coffee. We’re managing to source most of what we need without funding, so that no one needs to pay to attend, but coffee is one of the main items we’re struggling to ensure for everyone who wants it – it’s expensive! For those who want to be sure of drinking it, bringing some along would help us out.


BY TRAIN: The nearest train station is Buir, which is a roughly 20 minute walk from the edge of the forest. Buir station can be accessed via the S19 train route, which runs between Cologne and Düren. When you arrive at Buir station, walk down the steps and turn left – cross over the motorway, go straight and continue for about 5 minutes betwin the fields, turning left at the junction and continuing for another 5 minutes (if you want to pass by the Mahnwache, a small legal camp near the forest). From the Mahnwache you’re only 10 minutes away – you can see the trees from there!

BY CAR: You can park a car/caravan either at the main entrance to the forest (the one closest to the Mahnwache) or at the Meadow/Wiesencamp (an occupied field on the edge of the forest, closer to the village Morschenich). Those hitchhiking should leave the A4 autobahn, which runs between Aachen and Cologne, at the Merzenich junction. Merzenich train station is just one stop from Buir, or you can go for a longer walk from there.

Anyway, we’re attaching an up to date map for you…

Just let us know if you have questions!

(And we’ll have a timetable of workshops to follow in a week or two).


Salut a toustes,

On voulait ajouter plus d´infos pour les personnes qui voudraient participer a l´événement, particulièrement pour cellceux qui viendraient à Hambacher Forst pour la première fois.

Ce que vous pouvez amener :

Du matos de camping ! Par exemple : tente, sac de couchage, matelas, fringues anti-pluie, fringes chaudes, LAMPE DE POCHE!! (Qui puisse éclairer en rouge c´est encore mieux. Et des piles de rechanges).
Vous pouvez amener des flyers sur les luttes auxquelles vous participez, des textes pour la distro, ou ce que vous voulez.

La forêt :

L´événement se passe dans une forêt squattée depuis 2012 et restant un point actif de résistance écologique. Donc, évidement, ramassez vos déchets (et produisez en le moins possible), marchez dans les chemins autant que possible, et ne prenez pas de photos !! (ou au moins demandez aux personnes qui pourraient y apparaître si c´est ok avant)

Dormir :

Il y aura quelques structures disponibles pour accueillir cellceux qui en auraient besoin, plus quelques tentes libres. On mettra aussi en place un espace FLINT (meufs, lesbiennes, intersexes, non-binaires, trans) pour cellceux qui voudraient y camper. Les personnes qui voudraient arriver avant la date de début et/ou repartir après la fin programmée de l´événement seront les bienvenues, tout specialement si ieles nous aident a monter et demonter le camp, ce qui sera tres apprec !

Les keufs :

Les événements antispés ayant eu lieu precedemment a Hambacher Forst ont donnes lieu a des deploiements plus ou moins importants de condes. Les flics pourraient garer leurs bagnoles aux alentours, s´enfiler des cafés, jouer a candy crush, peut être même vous demander votre carte d´identité. Si ca arrive, cellceux qui l´auraient et seraient d´accord pour la montrer peuvent le faire et pourraient passer les contrôles sans trop de problèmes. Cellceux qui ne voudraient pas montrer leurs papiers pourraient trouver des moyens de venir dans la forêt sans passer trop près des keufs.

Le café :

Contrairement aux condés, on n’a pas des remorques de pognon a dépenser en montagnes de café. On se débrouille pour trouver le plus possible de trucs nécessaires a l´événement sans dépenser rien du tout, pour que personne n´ait à payer quoi que ce soit sur place. Mais le café on galère a en obtenir assez, parce que ca coûte des blindes ! Pour cellceux qui voudraient être sure de pouvoir en boire, on vous invite a en ramener vous même, ca aiderait beaucoup.

Nous trouver…

Venir en train :

La gare la plus proche est celle de Buir, qui se trouve a 20 minutes de marche de la forêt. Vous pouvez y aller avec la ligne S19 qui va de Cologne a Duren. Quand vous arrivez à la gare de Buir, descendez l´escalier et tournez a gauche. Marchez sur le pont au-dessus de la 4 voie, continuez tout droit entre les champs. Au croisement suivant, prenez à gauche si vous voulez arriver au Manwache, un camp legal en face de la foret. Depuis le Manwache vous êtes a 10 minutes de la foret.

Vous pouvez garer une voiture ou une caravane soit a l´entrée de la forêt (celle proche du Manwache) ou au Meadow/Wiesencamp (un terrain occupe au bord de la forêt, plus près du village, Morchenich). Les personnes venant en stop doivent quitter la autobahn (la 4 voie) qui va de Aachen à Cologne a la jonction avec Merzenich. La gare de Merzenich est à un arrêt de celle de Buir. Vous pouvez aussi venir en marchant de là bas.

Vous avez aussi une carte plus bas…

Faites nous parvenir vos questions !

(et on aura un programme d´ateliers près dans une semaine ou deux)

First look at workshops!! / Короткий опис події

Here’s some of the stuff we have so far:

– Speciesism, civilisation, and the end of ideology

– Animal liberation without illusions

– Animal liberation and climate change (hosted by Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie)

– Emergency first aid for other animals

– Introduction to action planning

– Scouting action targets

– Sneak at night / capture the flag

– How to jump fences

– Action climbing

– Lock-picking

– Self-defence

– Film showing + open discussion: Radical Resilience

– Boring legal stuff

We would love to see more proposals for workshops from outside groups! For example interesting skillshares, queer anti-spe stuff, proposals for debates, reports from contexts we don’t hear so much about. As mentioned, we will also be leaving some space for spontaneous proposals.

We’re also thinking of having some live music – so bring instruments if you want to contribute!

Detailed info on e.g. how to get there, what to bring, what to expect will be published on here a couple of weeks before the event.

Until then!

Ось воркшопи, що ми маємо на сьогодні:

– Видова дискримінація, цивілізація та кінець ідеології

– Концепція звільнення тварин, без ілюзій

– Визволення тварин та зміна клімату (організатор – Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie)

– Невідкладна перша допомога іншим тваринам

– Вступ до планування заходів

– Розвідка цілей в яких заплановано заходи

– Capture the flag (Козаки-розбійники)

– Як стрибати через паркани

– Воркшоп з лазіння

– Відкриття замків

– Самооборона

– Показ фільму + відкрита дискусія: Радикальна стійкість

– Нудні юридичні речі

Ми хотіли б бачити більше пропозицій щодо семінарів від інших груп! Наприклад, цікаві обміни навичками, дивні антиспесишистські матеріали, пропозиції для дебатів, доповіді про різні контексти, про які ми не так багато чуємо. Як вже згадувалося, ми також залишимо трохи місця для спонтанних пропозицій.

Ми також любимо живу музику – тож беріть із собою інструменти, якщо хочете зробити свій внесок!

Детальну інформацію про те, як дістатися, що взяти з собою, чого
очікувати, буде опубліковано тут за пару тижнів до події.


Вот воркшопы, что мы имеем на сегодня:

– Видовая дискриминация, цивилизация и конец идеологии

– Концепция освобождения животных, без иллюзий

– Освобождение животных и изменение климата (организатор – Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie)

– Неотложная первая помощь другим животным

– Вступление к планированию мероприятий

– Разведка целей в которых запланированы мероприятия

– Capture the flag (Казаки-разбойники)

– Как прыгать через заборы

– Воркшоп по лазанью

– Вскрытие замков

– Самооборона

– Показ фильма + открытая дискуссия: Радикальная стойкость

– Скучные юридические вещи

Мы хотели бы видеть больше предложений по проведению семинаров от других групп! Например интересные обмены навыками, антиспесишистские материалы, предложения для дебатов, доклады о различных контекстах, о которых мы не так много слышим. Как уже упоминалось, мы также оставим немного места для спонтанных предложений.

Мы также любим живую музыку – так что берите с собой инструменты, если хотите внести свой вклад!

Подробная информация о том, как добраться, что взять с собой и чего ожидать, будет опубликована здесь за пару недель до события.


A little update…

Hello everyone!

We wanted to link you to the websites of the previous animal liberation gatherings that the Forest Anti-Spe Days are in continuation with, to offer a bit of an idea of what you might expect to find this time:

Marseille 2016

Bristol 2017

Bilbao 2018

Rome 2019

We also wanted to mention that we’re working on releasing a first list of workshops + more in a week or so!

In the meantime we wanted to recommend a text from LiberRats, an anarchist initiative for total liberation based in so-called Greece. We think it addresses some interesting points on the connections between the coronavirus pandemic and anti-speciesism… as well as white supremacy, class, patriarchy and civilisation. As a word of caution, some of us expressed concerns with the language used, which potentially contains some speciesist undertones, so as always approach it critically… It can be found here in Greek and in English.

Love and rage!



24-27 SEPTEMBER 2020

After months of dystopian weirdness and unprecedented state-repression imposed on the basis of corona, borders are opening up and rage is exploding around the world. But with potentially no radical anti-speciesist gatherings in Europe this summer to contribute to the clash, we felt the need to set a rallying point!

The Hambacher Forest is an ongoing focal point for anti-capitalism and radical ecology on the continent – let’s find each other there and take the opportunity to share skills and perspectives on how to confront human supremacy in the current context. In continuation with the anarchist animal liberation gatherings which took place in Marseille (2016), Bristol (2017), Bilbao (2018) and Rome (2019), we aim to connect those who incorporate the fight alongside other animals and their habitats into a broader struggle against all hierarchies – a struggle for total liberation.

A list of workshops – both hands-on and more theoretical – is soon to be announced. We also want to invite you to propose your own, whether over the coming weeks or more spontaneously once the event begins. Other contributions in the form of literature, stalls and whatever else are also warmly invited.

Remember, this event is:
– FREE, including vegan food for the duration of the event
– SELF-ORGANISED, so if you see a job it’s yours!
– SQUATTED, taking place in an illegal land occupation
– ANTI-OPPRESSION, so fuck right off if you have racist/sexist/heterosexist/cissexist/speciesist or otherwise bigoted views and behaviour
– IN A FOREST, so be ready to camp and respect the ecosystem!

More info about what to expect and how to get there will be released on this website in the coming weeks.

Feel free to contact us with questions or whatever here:

Spread the word and stay wild!!!