A little update…

Hello everyone!

We wanted to link you to the websites of the previous animal liberation gatherings that the Forest Anti-Spe Days are in continuation with, to offer a bit of an idea of what you might expect to find this time:

Marseille 2016

Bristol 2017

Bilbao 2018

Rome 2019

We also wanted to mention that we’re working on releasing a first list of workshops + more in a week or so!

In the meantime we wanted to recommend a text from LiberRats, an anarchist initiative for total liberation based in so-called Greece. We think it addresses some interesting points on the connections between the coronavirus pandemic and anti-speciesism… as well as white supremacy, class, patriarchy and civilisation. As a word of caution, some of us expressed concerns with the language used, which potentially contains some speciesist undertones, so as always approach it critically… It can be found here in Greek and in English.

Love and rage!